About The Float Foundation

The Float Foundation will support in the tradition of gathering friends and family to enjoy great company for great causes. Each year The Float Foundation will choose a worthy and in-need charity organization for all donations to be dedicated to. The Float will be an annual summer event with additional seasonal events to aid in the effort.


Scorton Creek is a natural tidal river located in East Sandwich, MA known for great fishing, protected tidal flats and the occasional bridge jump. For many years residents and tourists to Cape Cod have enjoyed the serenity and natural beauty of Scorton Creek. Many years ago a tradition of tying inflatable rafts together and floating down the creek began, enjoying the sun and good company down a peaceful stretch of water. As the enjoyment of the event grew, so has the numbers of people. In 2007, The Float event was attended by close to 70 people. The Piekarski family, while discussing the great day of Floating, decided that this event could be more than a simple day of pleasure. It had the potential to provide something bigger than the event itself. Drew Piekarski dedicated his last semester of college to organize and create The Float Foundation. The Float Team has worked to make this simple summer event a foundation to build upon for years to come in an effort to support local and national causes. The Float Foundation continues its tradition in making sure that "Hope Floats."